Quiz on Wheelz Reports 2018

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 Quiz on Wheelz 2018

 Tuesday 19th June

The Golden Cross to Moat House, Alcester


Many thanks to Fiona (oh and I think Graham hindered a bit) for organising this evenings Quiz on Wheelz. It was a very pleasant drive around the lanes near Alcester. There were not too many arguments about the answers and Graham didn't listen anyway. Prizes were awarded and the first was to Alan & Liz with a creditable 27 on their first QonW event (will they come again?). The top score was shared between Paul & Caroline and Lech & Pam tied on 35 points but the tie breaker was to know where Fiona used to live in Alcester, we were all totally wrong but Lech & Pam were less wrong so they won the box of chocolates. The extra prize was for the 'Dingbats Quiz' this was even harder than one of Nigel's quizzes but Lech & Pam were on form again with lots of assistance from David & Diane. Well done everyone, another great evening. 










 Quiz on Wheelz 2017

Wednesday 26th July

 Mike and Jane did a great job (especially under difficult circumstances, holidays, new kitchens....) of organising the Quiz on Wheelz, it was only 13 miles from the Golden Cross (I'm sure we did over 20 and we still didn't win!!) but there were lots of questions to answer on the way.  Jane had warned us we needed to "get inside her head" but I don't think anyone managed it!! 





14 cars managed to make their way to the Wheatsheaf Inn in Badsey where we enjoyed a Chinese taster menu, which was very good. 

Steve had arranged for us to use the overhead projector and persuaded Graham to produce a series of linked videos of past events run by the Club which was great fun trying to see your own car passing by.  Graham has said anyone can have a copy and he is happy to down load on to a USB memory stick (minimum 8Gb) for them.

Jane read out all the answers, with Mike in the background reminding everyone of Rule No 1



The Judge is always right (even when they are wrong, only happened a few times!!!).


The winners were:


Graham and Fiona and yes they have agreed to set the Quiz next year.

There was also another quiz when we got to the pub to test our memories and observation skills on the route (though I'm sure I didn't see 365 sheep, refer to Rule No 1) and the winner for this was:


Peter and Julia.

There was also a celebration going for someone's birthday (I couldn't divulge the age though) and they did eventually remember to bring out the cake but as half the folk had left it was decided to actually cut the cake at the Club Night on Tuesday, don't miss it.






Quiz on Wheelz 2016

After picking up the question sheets at the Golden Cross and some tricky questions we finished at the Neville Arms for a well earned drink and sustenance. This year Caroline and I just missed out on the top prize but we had another presentation to make of a birthday cake to Julia Cleobury before the winner's prize was awarded to Mike & Jane Green, well done and they have agreed to set the quiz next year. Many thanks to David & John for an enjoyable (if wet) evening.













Quiz on Wheelz

Tuesday 14th July 2015

Starting from The Golden Cross, Ardens Grafton

Many thanks to Nigel & Stephanie Hook for an entertaining Quiz, that took us around the lanes of South Warwickshire and we all learnt about the 'Shakespeare Rhyme' and for those not familiar with the rhyme it goes:

 Piping Pebworth, dancing Marston,
Haunted Hillbro, hungry Grafton,
Dudging Exhall, Papist Wicksford,
Beggarly Broom and drunken Bidford.

The story is that Bidford was famous for it's beer drinkers and that one day a group from Stratford came to the village and started drinking with the locals. Amongst the Stratford visitors was a young man called Shakespeare who tried and failed to out drink the Bidford men. The group fell into a drunken sleep and the story is that Shakespeare spent the night sleeping under a tree. When he woke next day Shakespeare is said to have declined the offer of more Ale by saying that he had drunk all the places in the rhyme.

The rhyme did cause some difficulties for most of the teams but three of them were tied on 25 points.  A tie break question was eventually chosen but no one wanted to win  with the prospect of having to set the quiz next year, when the threat was removed Graham & Fiona triumphed.

Here is Nigel reading out the answers: