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Xmas Meal: This was reported on in the last Newsletter but went very well with the best turn-out for some years and enjoyed by all.

Chilly Willy Run: Good attendances are becoming normal for our events and this run was certainly no exception with over 60 people, the highest number of classic & MG cars, and some (acceptable) moderns. The start didn't go quite to plan, partly due to the more than 50% extra bookings than originally envisaged and the Potting Shed Cafe didn't reserve the whole room for us but the coffee was good. The large turn-out of MGs was no doubt helped by the mild weather but this meant we were able to enjoy a very pleasant scenic drive along some normally untravelled lanes, thanks as ever to Lech for assistance in setting the route. The Golden Cross were up to their normal high standard and the lunches were hot, plentiful and tasty, well done to Matt, Claire and their team and everyone remembered to pay for their meals!!

AGM and Club Night: The AGM was well attended with 39 signing the register and it was completed in record time, less than 10 minutes. Reported were a record number of Club events in the last year, substantial funds in the Club bank account and despite reducing numbers on the Club data base (partly due to culling after the GDPR exercise) we still attracted 12 new members. The Club is in good health, minutes will be on the Club website soon.

After the AGM we had 2 presentations, David had looked through the registers for all of last events (including Club Nights) to tot up who had attended the most and he found no less than 5 people with the same number of attendances, in alphabetical order: Fred Bury, Alan Cleobury, Paul Dunster, Steve Entwistle and Nigel Hook. In order to present an award it was necessary to have a 'draw' to decide the winner, so the five names were put into a pint pot and Dawn drew out Nigel, who was given the bottle of Champagne, well done to all and thanks for supporting the club so often. The second presentation was a thank you, which we like to do. A lot of work was put into making the Club's 30th Anniversary go so well and one of those jobs was to come up with the idea and produce the coasters that everyone received. It was very difficult to think of something different for this recipient as he is in the field of PR but a friend of mine has a laser cutter and he was persuaded to spend a lot of time to produce an image that could be laser cut. The final image was made up of 3 layers laid over each other (thanks to Chris Jarman for producing it) and I was able to present this to Norman Large, with many thanks from the Club.


To complete the event attendance story David has sent me the analysis of the stats:




Club Night January (AGM)


Club Night February


Club Night March


Club Night April


Club Night May


Club Night June


Club Night July (Show Night)

55 (World Cup Match Night)

Club Night August


Club Night September


Club Night October (30th Anniversary)


Club Night November


Club Night December


Chilly Willy Run

32 (Arden MG Club)


March Madness Run



Malvern Classic Car Show



BMM 25th Anniversary Run



Weekend Away St Audries Bay



Quiz on Wheelz



BMC & Leyland Show BMM



Joint Natter



Chilly Willy WARMER Run



Badsey Flower Show



Chairman's Picnic



Brailes Show



Birthdays Run (Nuffield Place)



Pershore Plum Festival



Heritage Re-Run



Hook Norton Brewery Tour



Xmas Meal


Future Club Events:

Tuesday 5th February – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Tuesday 5th March – Club Night:

Guest speaker: 'In Praise of the Turbo Prop', based on a life flying Hercules.

Sunday 24th March – March Madness Run:

Alan and the 'Team' will come up with another exciting run out, more details soon, put the date on your calendar.

Tuesday 2nd April – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Sunday 28th April – Drive-it-Day Run:

Richard Avery is working on this and we will have more details soon.

Tuesday 7th May – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Tuesday 4th June – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Friday 7th to Monday 10th June 2019 - Weekend Away to Devon Valley Holiday Village:

Other Events:

Sunday 12th May – Cwm to Coast: Sandville Court in Ton Kenfig (CF33 4PU) and finish at the Grove Golf Club in Porthcawl (CF36 5TA), a two course Sunday Lunch is available at £15 per person. Details Bridgend MGOC, contact: Stuart Taylor on 01656 662213 or email at

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2019 – The Peaks to Lakes Run,:

The Cat & Fiddle, Peak District to Wrynoes Pass, Lake District. Details from Norman Verona, email: .

Other Matters:

Another interesting tale from Phil Bawn:

Teaching my son.

I was persuaded to part with £25.00 for this heap of rust when we lived near Chester but we had a decent garage, shot blasting and spraying equipment, so I thought I would teach my 16 year old what I know (self taught). He now, of course knows nothing, in fact he will have try to forget my way of doing things as he is a now a Chartered European engineer, working on major projects at International airports, however since I couldn’t get him to give me £50 for the car (well one must try to make a profit in life) I had to let it go for the £25 paid and that was on the never never.




We took it apart found the wings were partly old oil cans cut up and all sorts of other bodges, worst of all were the sills of course, however we welded new sills in and repaired the rest of the body as best we could Not liking the original yellow colour we sprayed it blue, took the engine out to paint the engine bay (no engine hoist then just a trusty bit of rope strung up over a wooden beam in the garage) ground the valves in, stripped and cleaned the carbs, added new plugs and all the usual then put it all back together. With a new battery, away it went. My son drove it around for a week and then announced he and a friend were going camping, in Luxembourg!! They piled up all the camping gear into the boot with all the other odd available spaces and off they went. Naturally I was on tenterhooks, since he wasn’t an experienced driver, with the new rebuild and not much testing, would it all be alright. Anyway the only problem was a minor leak in the petrol tank which a local garage fixed, would you believe this they welded a patch on the tank which was full of petrol! That lasted for a couple of months, however the day after they got back he started to drive away to go to work and the clutch release bearing failed so they were very fortunate that didn’t happen on their trip.

My son continued to use the car which proved very good in the long term until it was MGB time but at least we knew how to deal with rusty sills by then and I think we did three of those as well as an MGC, when we moved down to Worcestershire.

Thanks Phil, I think we have all been there in one way or another!!

What Have You Done With Your MG This Month:

I have not done much with the 'B' this month except for a good wash after the Chilly Willy Run, the cover is back on awaiting warmer weather.


What have you been doing? Send me a photo and a few words.

My MG:

I have used all the stories to date but it is not too late to send me your MG story, if you have enjoyed reading the previous stories everyone will be interested to read yours, don't forget to include a few photos.

Happy MG'ing