The Arden MG Club Annual General Meeting - 8th January 2019


AGM 8th January 2019 - Minutes

1. Apologies for absence: Graham & Fiona Robson, Lech, Steve Entwistle & Gaynor

2. Chairman's Report:

I think it has to be said that it has been another excellent year for the Club, every month this room is full to capacity and I'm sure David will give us the stats but we are managing to continually attract new members who continue to join us.

This year I'm not going to give a list of all the events we had last year, there were too many to go through, however I created 27 folders on my computer to monitor the events. These 27 events comprised 9 runs, 8 social events, 6 shows, 2 talks (and a partridge in a pear tree) no, 1 weekend away and 1 charitable presentation. As I think I probably said last year it's really good that a lot of those events are organised by someone other than me and that looks to be continuing into 2019. One of the highlights for me was the 30th Anniversary of the Club, with 3 founding members joining us for the celebration Club Night (I hope you all liked your 'coasters').

In the last year I have fallen behind updating the Club website, however I will address that in the next few months and will change the way the events are reported, however I do post photos on the Club facebook page (just search for Arden MG Club within facebook and like the page, you will then be notified of any new posts about the Club, I only record Club events, so you will not be bombarded with stuff.).

That brings me back to the start, that I think the Club is in good health (unless anyone wants to tell me differently), lets try and keep it that way.

3. Treasurer's Report:

The income from the monthly raffle has increased again in 2018, thanks Mike & Helen and the funds in the bank have risen to over £1300, with an additional £1,433 of leftover Heritage Run funds. We will look to invest some of these funds for the benefit of the Club with a new banner and regalia.

4. Events Secretary Report:

Alan thanked everyone for supporting the Club and attending all of the events through the year.

5. Database Report:

At the start of 2018 we had 88 members listed in the data base due to a large cull of 33 as a result of the GDPR exercise, however these will be interested or active members. Through the year there were 12 new people joined us.

6. Election of Officers:

All the Club officers are willing to re-stand and the proposal was for a vote on-block, motion proposed by Fred Bury and seconded by Richard Workman. The vote was carried unanimously.

Chairman: Paul Dunster

Treasurer: Roger Jackson

Events Secretary: Alan Cleobury

Database Secretary: David Rayner

MGCC Liaison Officer: Lech

MGOC Liaison Officer: Paul Dunster (monthly report scribe: Graham Robson).

7. Any Other Business:

David Smith proposed a 'Vote of Thanks' to all the officers of the Club, which was passed unanimously.

Meeting closed at 10 minutes.