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Newsletter June 2019


Despite there being nearly 50 of you at the Club Night and a few MGs were there even with the inclement weather but there were no recent reports to announce, so we went straight to the future events.

Future Club Events:

Sunday 23rd June – Sunday Adventure Run:

Nigel is not content with organising the Weekend away this month but there is still his Adventure Run. Meet at the Golden Cross at 11am for the approx 40 mile scenic run through the Cotswolds, finishing in Bretforton at the Fleece Inn (owned by the National Trust). At the Fleece a 'Summer BBQ' will be served, at a cost of £15.00 per person (comprising of: Home made Burgers, Locally Sourced Sausages, Cajun Chicken Breast, Parsley Battered Corn on the Cob, Cheesy Chips, Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad, Wholegrain Mustard Coleslaw Mixed Green Salad, Roasted Red Pepper and Mixed Olive Salad, Selection of Artisan Breads and a Selection of Relished & Sauces). We will be able to display our cars in the orchard and there will be seating and a bar in the barn for use by the Club.

Booking and payment is essential to Nigel and the closing date is past, however if you have not booked and find you can now attend talk to him, to see if you can be included.

Details and booking form on the Club website.

Tuesday 2nd July – Show Night:

A social evening where you can show off your pride and joy and win some prizes, so make sure you have cleaned, polished and waxed your car.

The categories will be different for this year, although the voting system will be the same, there will be a voting slip, note down the registration number for the car you think is the best in each category without voting for your own car or the same car twice, simples!

The categories will be:

The Best Early MG

The Best Modern MG

The Best MGB or Midget

The Best MG Mascot

and a new category of 'Pot Luck'. Any car that scores at least one vote and has not won a prize in any of the above categories will be put into the hat to draw a winner.

There will be lots of prizes, so lets fill the orchard car park again (there is no football to get in the way this year!!!).

Sunday 7th July – BMC & Leyland Show, BMM, Gaydon:

We will again have a display at this show at the British Motor Museum and we will be given free tickets which give access to the Show, as well as the Museum and the Collections Centre. We have had a good display over the last 2 years, although we will have a new location this year but in a prime position, so should be a good day out. If you would like to book for the Show let me know as soon as possible but the closing date will be 30th June and I will hand out the passes at the July Club Night (Show Night).

Wednesday 17th July - Quiz on Wheelz:

Graham has booked us in at the Golden Cross, so the plan is to also start from the Cross anytime between 6pm and 6.45pm. There will be 2 or even 3 locations to stop and search for the clues, then head back to the Cross by 8pm for a hot buffet. The cost for the buffet will be £12 per person. I have not had much response for the Quiz so far, so please let me know, as soon as you can if you would like to join the fun by email and you can let me have the payment at the July Club Night.

Saturday 20th July – Badsey Flower Show:

Steve will again be looking for support for the excellent show (can you arrange better weather this year Steve?!) and they have requested a BBMF fly past, hopefully a Hurricane. Alan & the Team have been talked into another 'food tent' and will again be offering Scones with jam & clotted cream, there is also talk of Prosecco!! Not to be missed, let me know if you would like to be added to the list, no cost to attend (just be there before 12 midday) except for the Scones & Prosecco (optional). Don't forget your picnic although there are food & beer/prosecco stalls at the show.

Sunday 28th July Chairman's Picnic:

This year we will be visiting Rousham Park, the format will be the same as previous years, where you bring a plate of food to share in the picnic. We are going to set up our picnic on the lawn in front of the house, it is a fantastic setting. There will be the usual scenic run to get to Rousham, starting from the Golden Cross meeting from 10.30 (bacon rolls and coffee/tea available to purchase) and ready to leave around 11am. The cost for entry into the Park is £6 per person (sorry no dogs please), please book and pay with me, letting me know what plate of food you are going to bring to share (to avoid duplication, see the current list on the Club website).

Tuesday 6th August - Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Saturday 11th August – Brailes Show:

A regular event on our calendar and we usually have an excellent display to join in the show. The show its self is extensive with a large marquee full of competition entries (produce, flowers, cakes, photos........). There is no cost to enter, just let me know you are planning to attend and be there before 12 noon to be settled before the show opens. Bring a picnic for a social afternoon, although there is a beer tent, afternoon teas and food stalls.

Sunday 25th August – Broughton Castle Transport Show:

This is a new show which we think we should give a try and this will be in place of the Plum Festival. The location is just outside Banbury and we may organise a scenic run to get there. More details soon.

Monday 26th August – Pershore Plum Festival:

This will no longer be a 'Club Event', however anyone can book to attend, Alan has some bookings forms if you would still like to attend.

Tuesday 3rd September - Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Tuesday 1st October - Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross, however we have a battery powered MGB coming to visit us as well and test drives may be possible, the builder will also give us a brief explanation of the project.

Sunday 13th October – Malvern Festival of Transport:

One of the last outdoor events of the year, lets hope for better weather than last year.

Tuesday 5th November - Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Other Events:

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 2019 – The Peaks to Lakes Run: The Cat & Fiddle, Peak District to Wrynoes Pass, Lake District. Details from Norman Verona, email: .

Message from Norman Verona: There are a few places left on the Peaks to Lakes Run for September (now 2 separate events). The Saturday will be the run around the Peak District and Sunday will be the run around the Lakes. Participants can elect to do the Peaks only, the Lakes only or both.

Other Matters:

Club Clothing: I'm sorry about the mix-up over the VAT on the batch of clothing, however I have now received all the items ordered and have handed some out. All the outstanding items I will give out when I see those who purchased. I have updated the prices on the website to reflect the VAT addition.

What Have You Done With Your MG This Month:

I’ve been meaning to contact you ref my MGF and what I’ve done to it recently.

I’ve totally stripped down the front suspension cleaned and painted the front subframe then replaced ball joints, track rod ends, hub carriers, hubs & bearings topping it off with the big brake kit!

Complimented with new 11 Spoke 16 inch alloys.

I think it now looks the Dogs Do Dah’s !
Not bad for a 25 year old (that’s the car not me ) Phil Ward.

What have I done this month ? - David Rayner

Well the first thing was to breakdown as we were turning into Wings & Wheel’s, and got pushed into parking space. In fact the marshal said, “Where do you want to park?” I said “how far do you want to push me?” The day got worse, as for the next 20 minutes it poured with rain and we were stranded in the car. When the rain eased, we made a dash for the club house. Discussing the problem with Lech, and after the appropriate coffee and bacon bap snack, Lech set to, to make a few checks, it was looking like the coil or condenser. The next white knight to come along was Andy Bourne, who had a spare coil, this fitted, and with fingers crossed the key was turned, resulting in all cylinders firing.

The rain eased and although a little windy, it was a pleasant afternoon. Come home time, Lady B started first time and we arrived home safely. For those that don’t know our drive, there is a reasonable rise {that's an understatement it's b****y steep – Ed} up to the garage, and although we can get 3 cars on the drive, we have to move them to get Lady B into the garage. I pulled up outside our house on the road, she will start again said Diane, of course she will, I said, turning the key only to hear a click. After counting to ten, I said, pull the bonnet knob, I pushed the horn and checked the lights, OK, I had power, I rechecked the wires in the coil area, and all seemed OK. It’s got to be the starter. Now the starter motor is buried under the distributor and not easy to get at.

At this point I was in need of a cup of tea, and if I could have pushed the car into the garage, I would have, and sorted out the problem the next day, but not with our drive at 15 degrees up hill.

I have never used the breakdown service coupled to our insurance, so gave them a call. An hour later the guy was here, I told him of my findings, so under the car he went, only to find a loose starter motor wire, he pushed it home and re-pinched it, we were running again.

Searching the Web, I found a company in Bromsgrove called Powerspark, who had a Lucas DLB105 {coil-Ed} in stock. The advantage here was they were half hour up the road and I could go and collect it. I also found their website very easy to use. I also bought a new set of HT Leads.

Off came Andy’s borrowed coil, and on with the new one, checking on negative/positive wires were on the correct side, also replacing the leads, one at a time to keep them in the correct order. With the Lucas DLB 105 you can increase the spark plug gap slightly, so, out came the plugs, cleaned and re-set the gap.

All back together Lady B fired up first time, so took her for a run up the road. Ran sweetly, if anything it increased the tick over slightly, so reduced that on my return.

Usually you get an idea something is not quite right, so it can be attended to, but I don’t like it when you breakdown on the road, but at least in this instance there were fellow club members there to assist. Thank you.

A good tip from David, when he put the plug leads back he printed off some labels to identify the individual leads, thanks David.

Comment from Fred Bury:

In response to Richard's article about batteries; I fitted Manor Garage's twin 12 volt conversion when I restored my car (regularly advertised in magazines). This consists of 2No 12volt batteries in the original carriers wired in parallel, so still 12volt but double the capacity. Proprietor Richard Chapman was very helpful and obliging and supplied everything required (including wiring loom). I fitted them 5 years ago and had marvellous reliable performance ever since. Hope I'm not tempting fate!!!!! is their web site if anyone is interested.

Some contributions from John Stevens:

Just to add, nothing really for the What Have you Been Doing In Your MG, not even anything risky, but I can attach shots of Carl's former B before and after (though still in progress).

And more from John......

A good short Evesham B&Q Friday for work, saw a gent get out of an E39 5-series, as I have the M5 version I thought I'd chat to him (if I bumped into him in the store). Of course I bumped into him.
A lovely man, looked and sound similar to the actor that played the surgeon roles (The Fast Lady 1962- Bentley) James Robertson Justice.

He had many cars and told a story he used to live near Abingdon. When he saw the 'new' MGB GT being photographed outside his Thatched Cottage house he asked if he 'could a free car'. They said, well,

come and see us, anyway they arranged for him to buy the new GT at a snip over £500. Not sure what they were then, he said about 1967, but apparently was a good discount.

I asked what colour, he thought grey, but if there's an image of the new GT around '67 with a thatched roof behind, it's probably his old house; but of course photographing a car in one location doesn't usually result in publication, but if the discount was generous that might have been because it was intended to be released.

Thanks John, does anyone remember that publicity photo with the BGT outside a thatched cottage?

Please keep those stories coming, I still have an article from Richard, about brake discs and bearings, I hope you can wait until next month!!

Happy MG'ing