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Newsletter November 2018


Club Night: I hope you all enjoyed, as much as I did, the talk by Tim Houlding about Vintage Bentleys in the Roaring Twenties. It was great to see the old photos, still being shown on a slide projector, and hear about the history of Bentley cars along with the stories of racing daring dos! Tim was very pleased to receive the proceeds from that nights raffle which was one of the highest we have ever had at £70. This was duly donated to Tim's favoured charity 'Acorns Hospice' who are well known for offering care for life limited and life threatened babies, children and young people and their families. He has kindly forwarded to us the letter of appreciation sent to him by the Hospice in Worcester, which I will add to the 'Donations & Certificates' section on the Club website. If you enjoyed this evening I have booked another interesting speaker for the March meeting next year which I will title 'My Life Flying Hercules', it promises to be very entertaining.


Future Club Events:

Tuesday 4th December – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Tuesday 11th December – Xmas Meal:


Up to date I have got 57 already booked for the Xmas Meal, so we will be expanding into the bar area and consequently we can still fit a few more in, there is just time for you to join us if you have not already booked. The booking details are on the website or email me to send you the menu choices. As in previous years there will be a free prize draw and every couple gets a prize, I'm still waiting for inspiration for the topic of the quiz but don't worry there will be one!

Tuesday 1st January – Chilly Willy Run:


Full details are on the website but in essence, the start will be at The Potting Shed Cafe in Lydiate Ash, meet from 11am to depart 11.30/45 for a 30 mile scenic drive to arrive at the Golden Cross for lunch. Booking for lunch is essential (I will be doing a seating plan). One addition to the plan, the manager at the Potting Shed Cafe has also asked for pre-orders for breakfasts (she is concerned about serving everyone in the short time we have at the Cafe), so if you would like to be sure of a breakfast please drop me a mail with your choices from:


Tuesday 8th January – Club Night & AGM:

Please note this is a change from our normal Tuesday to miss New Years Day, so for this month ONLY we are meeting on the second Tuesday of the Month but it is an important evening as it is the Club's AGM. This is your chance to comment on the running of the Club or even offer your services to keeping the Club functioning. If you would like to volunteer or would like to add something to the agenda please let me know and don't worry the meeting will not take long (usually about 15 mins).

Tuesday 5th February – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Tuesday 5th March – Club Night:

Guest speaker: 'My Life Flying Hercules'

Sunday 24th March – March Madness Run:

Alan and the 'Team' will come up with another exciting run out, more details soon, put the date on your calendar.

Tuesday 2nd April – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Sunday 28th April – Drive-it-Day Run:

Details soon.

Tuesday 7th May – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Tuesday 4th June – Club Night:

Social gathering at the Golden Cross.

Friday 7th to Monday 10th June 2019 - Weekend Away to Devon Valley Holiday Village:

This is all booked and deposits paid, we are just waiting for the winter to be gone and the sun to shine.

Other Events:

Advanced planning for 2019 – The Peaks to Lakes Run, 7 & 8th September 2019:

The Cat & Fiddle, Peak District to Wrynoes Pass, Lake District. Details from Norman Verona, email:

Other Matters:

2019 Arden MG Club Calendar:


Norman has finished the artwork for the calendar and they are back from the printers. 26 have been produced and so far I have half of them reserved, so if you want to be sure of getting your Club calendar for next year, please email me. They are the same very good price as last year at £5 each and will be available for collection/purchase at the December Club Night. Same style as last year with a page per month, A4 size and lots of Club photos.

At a recent Club Night I spotted an item in the room that had to be explained and David Smith has enlightened me as follows:


With her keen artist’s eye our very own Steph spotted Eva’s potential as a subject. Eva was the perfect model and managed to remain still for the whole of the sitting. The result, I can say with some certainty, is the finest portrait of a brick that been produced since.

Definitions of Eva

Doorstop: Placed by an open door, Eva will stop it from blowing to. To prevent Eva from scratching the floor I did try to glue on some material from an old felt cap. Unfortunately Eva didn’t like having her bottom felt.

Handbrake: When I park on a slope, I place Eva under the back wheel – far more effective at stopping the car from rolling away than Julia’s seaweed.

Baby sitter: Sit a small child in front of Eva and tell the child to shout out when Eva grows legs and walks away.

Therapist: Dress up, draw on and paint Eva until she looks trustworthy. Tell her all your deepest sorrows.

Weight: Sometimes you just need something that weighs the same as a brick.

All we need now is to see a photo of this fine portrait, over to you Stephanie.

Norman Large's Website Photos:

Norman is happy to share his photos taken on Club Events and the links to this year's events are as follows:

Show Night July18

St Audries Bay June18

Chilly Willy Warmer June18

Stratford Races May18

Heritage Run 25th Ann May18

Drive It Day Apr18

MGC Malvern Apr18

To download a viewable size: Click on the image and wait for it to enlarge. Once enlarged this can be copied, saved or dragged to your desktop (usually by right click but not always). These images are good for iPads, iPhones, desktop use and small prints. If anyone would like a high resolution (HiRes) for large print or commercial print then I am happy to oblige. Just drop him an email with the photo ref (

Enjoying MG Binders: Helen has 10 of these (donated by members), if you are interested in having any, please let me know and Helen will bring to the Club Night.

Peter Grice has sent me this request:


Please see attached photo of a B owned by my mother in the '70s (NWL 516M). We would like to trace this car.

We last saw it about 10 years ago when it looked much the same and was owned by a man living in the Stratford area. Researches show it was SORNed in 2009 - so presumably not scrapped!

Any information would be gratefully received. Perhaps an appeal in the next news letter? I'm glad to oblige, good luck finding the car again, have you seen it?

Phil Bawn has sent me another couple of items to include:

Nipples yes nipples

Don't believe all you read!

When I was doing research before buying my TF I read that they didn't have any grease nipples,now when the dealer fitting my new hood moved the car he noticed a knocking sound underneath in the front and said had the nipples been greased? To prove there were two he showed me them on a new subframe in the store, when I got home I checked and eventually found the two nipples one each side covered under a lot of dirt and old grease, they hadn't been touched for a long time and in the dealers experience they often get missed on servicing, however greasing those hasn't cured my problem so its in the garage for further investigation.

The second item from Phil:

This person had a great start in life.

Mr. Allen Swift: Born - 1908 - Died 2010

This man owned and drove the same car for 82 years.

Can you imagine even having the same car for 82 years?


Mr. Allen Swift ( Springfield , Massachusetts ) received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster from his father, brand new - as a graduation gift in 1928.

He drove it up until his death last year... At the age of 102. He was the oldest living owner of a car that was purchased new.

Just thought you'd like to see it.

It was donated to a Springfield museum after his death. It has 1,070,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition.

82 years - That's approximately 13,048 miles per year (1087 per month).

1,070,000 that's miles not kilometers.

That's British engineering of a bygone era, I don't think they make them like this anymore.

What Have You Done With Your MG This Month:

This is actually from last month but Graham has owned up and sent me the photo


I also had a grand picture under the heading of “What I did with my MG” . . . . I ran out of petrol, [oops, embarrassing] . . . about twenty feet from the pumps at Tescos.”

At least it was not far to push. There is a bit of a theme running through the Club of running out of petrol in your MG, who else is going to own up!!! 

Well my MG has been swapped this month, I have got my old Toyota MR2 Roadster back. Some 5 or 6 years ago I sold it to my daughter but I didn't realise it went with a life long service warranty, so the MGB is in her garage whilst I service, MoT and generally give the MR2 some TLC. It is actually a great car and I still love driving it.

David & Alison Smith have been busy on a Continental trip:

Granted, October isn’t the best month to plan a channel crossing and a trip to the continent; however, several times over the past few years, this is what Al and I have done with a group of friends and fellow classic car enthusiasts from the Black Horse pub in Checkendon, Oxfordshire. This year’s trip was to Ypres and the World War 1 battlefields. Loaded up with a boot full of tools and spare parts (I work on the principle that if I’ve got it I won’t need it) we headed south (via Bateman’s, Rudyard Kipling’s home) for an overnight stay in Dover. Given our destination, the visit to Bateman’s was quite poignant – Kipling lost his son (Jack) at the Battle of Loos in 1915. The following morning, an early start, an early crossing and, then, doing what an MGB GT was made for – travelling highways and byways and exploring those sights, towns and villages that you happen across. Our group’s vehicles included a Triumph Stag, a Ford Capri, my MGB GT, a Rover 2000 and a Triumph Vitesse; an impressive convoy that pretty well encapsulated the history of mid 20th century British motoring and attracted much attention, frequent smiles and many photographers. After negotiating a range of surfaces, including a length of cobbled road that put ancient wiring and electrical connectors to the test (not to mention suspension, seat padding and passengers’ joints) we made it to Ypres. As one would expect, our tour of Ypres and its surrounding area generated a range of emotions. Particularly moving was the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate, a ritual observed and performed by buglers from the Last Post Association. Moving away from the WW1 theme we managed a visit to a former cold war bunker. Reminiscent of a 1970s 007 film set, its purpose and significance was brought to life by anecdotes (many of them darkly humorous) from a member of our group who had served with the Army of the Rhine throughout the 1970s and early 1980s. As one would also expect, a group of classic car enthusiasts couldn’t resist the urge to tinker and it wasn’t long before the toolboxes were out and there was much admiration and coveting of each other’s equipment! Consequently my MG ended up in the hotel’s underground park (sans rocker cover) while two particularly eager members of our group practised adjusting tappets – I’ve never heard the engine run so quietly. Now safely back home I am sorting out a few minor issues (replacing the rear hatch hinges and the heater valve) before ‘SORNing’ her and tucking her up for the winter.

My MG:

I have run out of 'My MG' stories but I would like to hear form you. Send me a photo or 2 with some lines about your MG history, why did you buy your first MG, what MGs have you owned, how many MGs do you have now, what other interesting cars have you owned and why. I'm sure everyone will be interested in your story no matter how short it is or even if you think it will not be of interest, give it a try.

Caption Competition:

In all that was going on leading up to the last Club night I didn't get chance to judge the captions, so there is an extension to the deadline until Friday 30th November. Thanks to Caroline Phipp for sending me this photo of Nigel, from the Heritage Run Revisited and the idea of a caption competition. I have received a few good ideas for the caption to the photo but I'm sure there must be more of them, have a think and send your captions to me, the prize will be a bottle of Old Speckled Hen. My Caroline will be the judge, I look forward to receiving all your entries (no limit per person).

In closing (where have we heard this before but no jokes here) I must apologise to Steve Farr for not including him in the cake cutting at the 30th Anniversary meeting as he was also at that first Club Night and was the person who has finally defined when the Club actually started. Sorry Steve.

Safe MGing