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Newsletter January 2018



The Chilly Willy Run went well with lots of MGs outside the Golden Cross (well done everyone) despite the rain storm we had whilst having our bacon rolls and coffee. During the scenic run over to The Oak in Upton Snodsbury the clouds started to roll back, with blue sky when we arrived. We filled the pub for lunch and it took a bit of doing to direct the meals to the correct recipients but all went well and the food was good. What a great way to welcome in the New Year.

The next day was the Club Night and we held our AGM. The minutes are on the Club website, thanks to all who were there, it looks like I will be doing this for another year!!

Future Events:

I'm not going to detail every event at this stage in the year except for Feb and March as the full calendar of events is now available on the website.

Tue 6th Feb: Club Night - Share with Helen the birthday celebration for her TC which is 70 years old this month, the rumour is there will be a cake!!

Friday 16th March - Skittles Night: More details very soon.

Sunday 25th March - March Madness Run: Alan is working hard on the venue and the run and I will be able to give you more information shortly.





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February 2018

6th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

Helen's TC Birthday Celebration

11th Sun

MG Spares Day

NAC Stoneleigh

March 2018

6th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

16th Fri

Skittles Night

Mason's Arms

Long Marston

25th Sun

March Madness Run


Alan Cleobury

April 2018

3rd Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

8th Sun

Malvern Festival of Transport

Three Counties Showground

Classic Shows

8th Sun

Spring Sprint Race

Curborough Sprint Course, Lichfield

MGCC Midland Centre

15th Sun

Spring Run

Haynes Museum Sparkford

MGB Register

14th Sat

Pride of Longbridge Raly

Cofton Park, B31 2BQ

22nd Sun

Drive it Day


Nigel Hook

May 2018

1st Tue

BMM 25th Anniversary Run

Golden Cross to Gaydon

1st Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

 6th Sun & 7th Mon

Stratford Festival of Motoring


11th to 13th

Jersey Weekender

St Helier, Jersey

13th Sun

Charnwood Caper

Quorn station to Rufford Abbey Country Park

North Leics MG Club

Colin Readwin 07583 231 393

11th to 13th

MGCC Welsh Rallye

Brian Osborn 0121 445 4889

27th & 28th

Classic Car & Transport Show

Ragley Hall

Gemini Events

0845 879 1028

27th Sun

Moor 2 Sea

Dainton Park Golf Club, Newton Abbott

Exeter MGOC

27th Sun

MG Day

Churnet Valley Railway

Free train rides, Free parking, Free tea & coffee. Booking essential: Megan 01889 567 446

28th Mon

Classic Wings & Wheels

Bidford Gliding & Flying Club

June 2018

2nd & 3rd

MG Live


MG Car Club

5th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

8th to 11th

Week-end Away

St Audries Bay

Nigel Hook

10th Sun

Ratae Run

Broughton Astley to Deene Park

South Leics MG Club

10th Sun

Cwm to Coast

Bridgend 80-90 mile Run

Stuart Taylor on 01656 662213 or email at

10th Sun

Classic Car Show


Dave Chambers

17th Sun

MGs in the Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park, OX18 4JP

Oxfordshire MG Owners Club

24th Sun

Chilly Willy WARMER Run

Golden Cross to The Oak, Upton Snodsbury

July 2018

1st Sun

BMC & Leyland Show

British Motor Museum, Gaydon

1st Sun

Cotswold Caper

Cheltenham to Cheltenham

3rd Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

Show Night

11th Wed

Joint Natter

Rose & Crown, Severn Stoke

MGCC Midland Centre

21st Sat

Flower Show


Steve Entwistle

29th Sun

Chairman's Picnic

Buzzards Valley Vineyard

August 2018

5th Sun

Autumn Sprint Race

Curborough Sprint Course, Lichfield

MGCC Midland Centre

5th Sun

MGB Register Picnic

Millets Farm, Abingdon

John Watson, 07770 525 236

7th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

11th Sat

Brailes Show


18th Sat

Coast to Coast

Morecombe to Scarborough

19th Sun

MGB 50th & TC 70th Birthday

Nuffield Place

Paul & Helen

26th Sun

Classic Car Show

Webbs of Wychbold

Webbs Garden Centre

01527 168488

27th Mon

Plum Festival


September 2018

2nd Sun

Charity Road Run

Gawsworth Hall, Macclesfield

Potteries & South Cheshire MGOC

4th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

23rd Sun

Heritage Run Revisited


We will revisit a past Heritage Run.

October 2018

2nd Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

30th Anniversary Celebration

14th Sun

Malvern Festival of Transport

Three Counties Showground

Classic Shows

November 2018

6th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

Guest speaker "Vintage Bentleys in the Roaring Twenties"

December 2018

4th Tue

Club Night

Golden Cross

11th Tue

Xmas Meal

Golden Cross

Other Matters:

Stolen Vehicle to Look Out For: I received this on the 9th Jan:

"Please can you help? One of our HERO Members and regular competitor, Tim Lawrence, has had his MG B stolen TODAY at 13:15 from Tanworth in Arden, Solihull in the Midlands, UK. We'd love to try and assist Tim in having his beloved B returned to him as it has a lot of history. Please, share this post and keep your eyes out for a RED MG BGT, RHegistration number EEC 900E. This car is very distinctive with lots of competition parts, roll cage, electrics and most noticeably a large amount of decals of events it has competed in.

*UPDATE from our friends at Hagerty Classic Cars UK, the vehicle was seen driving towards Birmingham, the bonnet had come up and those driving it were looking out of the side windows. Let's make this too hot too handle!!!!

If you have any information, please drop us a PM via facebook or email and we will pass on to Tim."

Gritted Roads:


I spoke at the Club Night about knowing which roads are normally gritted and then a couple of days later I was out cycling and saw this (see photo). A taxi (you would think they would know better) parked in the ditch, so I think it is worth reminding you that all the local authorities have a website page giving details of the gritted roads. The map for Warwickshire roads can be downloaded from: it is well worth looking at to plan your routes. Please note trunk routes are looked after by the Highways Agency. Many thanks to Lech for his knowledge on this topic.

Safety Fast Magazines: I have received this message from Phil Bawn:

"I have a big pile of Safety Fast magazines from about 1998-2006 if any members would like them, they could collect them from me at Harvington or I could bring them to the next meeting which I hope to attend, I don't want anything for them."

If anyone is interested in the collect (or just a few), let me know and I will forward the message to Phil.

What Have You Done With Your MG This Month:

At least someone has been doing something this month, Trevor Flint sent me this with these photos:


"I attach a few pictures of a recent addition to my MG's boot...

This has proved very useful in tidying up things.

The bag fits neatly into one of the rear wing arches & as you can see the bag holds a number of essentials; a one gallon fuel can, a 12v Tyre inflator, a can of WD 40, together with a small selection of tools, screwdrivers, pliers, fuses etc..

Other than this the MG has had little attention over the last few weeks, but remains reliable and is the source of a few favourable comments."

Thanks Trevor, looks like a useful addition to the boot, where did you get the bag from?

My MG: This month we continue the story from Roger Phipp:

Anyway back to MGs, a couple of years ago and after many many years of only driving 'modern' vehicles, Caroline (who has a better pedigree than me in the motor industry) and I decide it would be a good idea to get a classic car.

But WHAT CAR?????


Caroline had a 'B' before we met, I had always had a thing for my MGB so it was an elementary choice, and after travelling the length and breadth of the country, looking at a lot of overpriced sssssscrap we eventually purchased an early 70's MGB Roadster.

At first it was great, new, different, nostalgic. But gradually, probably rekindled by the ssssscrap we had seen, all of those memories of my early commutes were resurrected, so not wanting to return to the constant running repairs that were so normal in my youth and readily accepted as part everyday life, I embarked on pulling it apart repairing and replacing all of those parts that I knew needed 'improving'.

With the capable aid of 'Mr. Manual Haynes', I set to work removing this, replacing that, modifying and improving, eventually it 'kinda' worked, after all it never let us down. We joined Arden MG Club and we met all of you and I hope made lots of new friends. BUT, old memories of my youth had been stirred and as the memories of the vigorous rubbing returned, and those dreams of the ' Big Healey E Type MGA Dart' came flooding back.

I told Caroline about my dreams as a youth during those endless hours of vigorous rubbing, and her response was so encouraging that we decided to keep an eye out for an MGA.

As I said we found one at the beginning of the year and we set to work on it.

Unfortunately the reality of having OLD cars is they are prone to deterioration at the slightest hint of a cloud, and not having enough indoor space for the 'B' while working on the 'A' we reluctantly decided to part with our now beloved MGB.

By September she was finished (the MGA that is, not Caroline) except the 'BIT' (another story).


Anyway, while I was waiting for that BIT for the MGA "my wife and I" decided to purchase a more modern MG to use on those less pleasant days when the British weather is a bit less appealing to us softies and even less appealing to the Motor Engineering of the 60's and 70's. Besides we wanted to continue with Arden MG events, and it didn't feel right bringing an alternative Nissan or Audi.

We reluctantly purchased a modern MG TF. When I say reluctantly, it was never a car I lusted after or even considered, but we decided on the TF because of the badge and thought that being a modern car we could leave it out in the rain just like the Nissan and the Audi and it wouldn't be affected by the weather and we could use it on those less clement days when the MGA would 'suddenly disintegrate while we were driving it on a day when the humidity went slightly above 0.005,' and they are relatively inexpensive, please note I didn't say cheap.

When I say modern I mean 2004, and to classic car enthusiasts that's NEW, although in this throw-away society anything more than 10 min old is considered Classic or Retro or something.

Anyway we researched the TF a bit, heard some of the horrors of head gaskets, cam belts and cooling and such but decided to try and see.

When I first drove one I was really surprised, certainly not the same standard as the 100E, thank heavens. Plenty of room, power to spare, superb breaking, great fuel economy and to top it all cheap classic insurance. Why had all this been kept so quiet?

When I bought the car my only doubt was the short MOT left on it but I had managed to beat down the price so off we went.

I decided not to do anything to it before it went for its MOT after all what could be wrong the Cylinder Head, Cam Belt and Cooling Problems had all been checked, changed and done surely anything else would be a piece of cake.

The day came for the MOT, it went up on the garage lift, this was my chance to finally get a good look underneath, after all it is a very low car and I'm not. I took my chance, all seemed fine until the examiner started 'digging' with his 'pickaxe' "what you doing" I said indignantly, I had never seen such legalised vandalism, "they have a common problem here" was the reply "look here" he said and there they were, not visible before and hardly noticeable now but tiny cracks had started to appear once the crud had been gouged away. It failed on the front wishbones.

They then had the cheek to give me a 'ball park' figure for the repair and estimated time to get the parts and fit them. I was shocked, I didn't want to buy a 'park to play ball in' and I wasn't even sure that I had 'that long left.'

I took the car away and ordered the parts which arrived the next day. I put the car on ramps and eagerly began, I'll show those 'conmen' I'll fit these and take it back this afternoon I thought.

That's when my troubles began.

I have worked on a lot of old cars, some a lot older than this modern one, but virtually every bolt would not undo, no matter what was tried, penetrating oil, releasing agents, air tools, heating them up or cooling them down, most were just seized. I even found some that previous mechanics had sheared off and left.

Finally I managed to remove replace or re-tap all the necessary fastenings and replace the offending wishbones, along with bushes and bearings that may fail in the future and so hopefully avoiding further woes.

I returned the car to the Test Centre the next day to the amazement of the examiner who took pity on me and fitted it in for a retest straight away…………. It Passed…………….

……The Tips…...

Especially for you guys with a Modern F or TF or vehicles where the materials may not be quite as good as you expect.

Check your undercarriage especially the nuts and if possible remove inspect and renew as required and when replacing apply copper grease liberally.

If you have work done by a third party 'Don't assume the so called professionals will always be Professional'

…….The morals…..

'Be careful what you wish for'

Great, thanks again Roger, looking forward to seeing the 'A' on the road. I've got another story for next moth, who else would like to put pen to paper or even run their fingers across a keyboard? If you enjoyed reading this story, everyone will enjoy reading your story and as I've said before if you have some photos all the better.

Safe MGing