The Arden MG Club Annual General Meeting - 2nd January 2018

 AGM 2nd January 2018- Minutes

1. Apologies for absence:  Graham & Fiona Robson, Norman & Christine Large

2. Chairman's Report:

2017 must have been one of the Club's best years ever, David will give us the statistics of how many people attended the events through the year and where the membership stands, although I'm sure we have more people attending the Club than ever before.

Through the year the club held 27 events!!! Previously I have gone through the list but you will all be pleased to know I'm not going to do that this year. Suffice to say that had 7 runs, attended 7 shows, made 3 charitable presentations, had 3 Club Night activities and 2 skittles evenings. As one off events there was the Club's first ever week-end away, Quiz on Wheels, Factory Tour, Cheltenham Fryer and ended the year with an excellent Xmas Meal. Yet Again we have produced a 'Club' calendar and ready for the new event year we have Arden MG Club Event Rally Boards.

The thing that pleases me most is that it is not just me that is making it happen, the soon to be disbanded Heritage Run Committee put on a fabulous last Run and we have a large fund of cash to spend on the Club or donate to charity. Nigel has organised the Week-end away, as well as 3 other events. The 'Rabble' in the corner are invaluable now to the club event calendar with the Spring Run, the shows and the Chairman's Picnic, Richard has again come forward organising the BMH Factory Tour. Roger keeps a close eye on the Club funds, Mike & Helen generate the Club's money through the raffle each month, Norman has done a great job with the Calendar and the Event Rally Boards, which just leaves David with his sage advise and keeping check on the club database.  Not to forget Lech who is always ready with help and advice, not to mention working on all the route we use.

I'm sorry if I've missed anyone. I will put a full review of the year on the website and attach to the Newsletter

I think the Club is in good health, lets keep it going.


3. Treasurer's Report:

The income from the monthly raffle has increased in 2017, thanks Mike & Helen and despite making charitable donations through the year, we have £992 in the bank and we should make some further gifts. The Heritage Run Fund also holds £2,431 to be used for the benefit of the Club or for charitable donations.

4. Events Secretary Report:

Covered in Chairman's Report above.

5. Database Report:

There are 109 people registered on the Club Database.  During the year 12 people left the Club but 13 new people joined us. 75 people were 'active' in that they attended at least one Club Event or monthly meeting and we have 9 'Honary' Members (people who no longer attend meetings or events but have requested to stay on the mailing list.

6. Election of Officers:

All the Club officers are willing to re-stand and the proposal was for a vote on-block, motion proposed by Mike Green and seconded by Steve Entwistle.  The vote was carried unanimously.

Chairman:  Paul Dunster

Treasurer:    Roger Jackson

Events Secretary:    Alan Cleobury

Database Secretary:     David Rayner

MGCC Liaison Officer:    Lech

MGOC Liaison Officer:   Paul Dunster (monthly report scribe: Graham Robson).

7. Any Other Business

None.  Meeting closed at 11 minutes.