This Year's Heritage Run was on Sunday 1st June

Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon to National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas

2014 Heritage Run                Sunday 1st June 2014



National Memorial Arboretum

What a fantastic day we had on this year's run, made even better with the beautiful weather.  The bacon butties at The Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon were as good as ever and the 'Girls' had everyone signed in with no delays.  The scenic run was up to the usual standard with the added appeal this year of a different area of countryside to see, would you believe we went through the outskirts of Coventry!  The National Memorial Arboretum is a very interesting place with its vast selection of memorials from the Firefighters at the Fall of the Twin Towers in New York to the victims of the Burma Railway as well as all the memorials to the Armed Forces, which is even more poignant this year being the centenary of the start of the First World War.

We had a vast area to park in and sit by our cars to enjoy a picnic in the sunshine.  We finally managed to get the 'Club Flag' erected but it did take 3 of us!  A number of cars took the opportunity to drive into the Arboretum and park amongst the trees in one of the avenues.

A big vote of thanks must go the team of people who make the event happen:

Richard Workman as Chairman of the committee, Allen Smith (with the help of Judy of course) who still does the bulk of the work collecting the entries and sending the Rally Plates out, Roger Jackson & Lech for the route and Tulip style instructions, Roger also looks after all the finances, new boy Graham Robson for the Rally Plate & Front Cover photos, Fred Bury for organising the Marshalling team, Paul Dunster for the Rally Plate & Front Cover designs, and David Rayner & Simon Bannister.

Last but not least I would like to thank the band of volunteers who marshalled at the start and finish -  having such a large group meant that no one had to be on duty for a long period.


Arriving at the Heritage Motor Centre



The 'Girls' did a good job on the 'Sign on Desk'




The only hold up on the route!






The line-up in the trees along an Avenue in the Arboretum