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Club Night Guest Speaker

Peter Swain RBW All Electric MGB 

Tuesday 5th November 2019

We had a very interesting talk at the Club Night on Tuesday, from Peter Swain of RBW about his all electric MGB. Peter explained how the project was started, after litigation against him from a business sale resulted in a nervous breakdown, however with help from Friends & (most of all) Family he started again this time in a Classic Car business and came up with the idea of making an MGB electric powered. He enlisted the help of Continental who are providing the motors and electronics (the most important part) and has got the project up to production level. Although, you do need deep pockets to purchase one, they have orders to get them started. The car is based on a Heritage shell with Golf Mk7 suspension, so is all new and drives very well. Despite the dark we were all able to have a good look at the car and I was privileged to drive round the block, a great experience. A big thank you to Peter for sharing the project with us and to Nick for arranging it. I'm sure we would all wish Peter the best of luck to make the project a big success. Thanks to Norman for the photos.












Skittles Evening

The Butchers Arms Mickleton 

Friday 18th October 2019

Our trusty photographer Norman did a great job last at the Skittles Evening and has sent me these fantastic photos from the evening. There were a few no shows, so we had less than the full complement (I hope they are all getting better) but everyone had a good time if the last photo is any guide. The competition this year was the 'B' Team (MGB Owners) v 'The Rest' and would you believe after 3 rounds the scores were tied at 257 points each but 'The Rest' had an extra player, so the 'B' Team was declared the winners. There were other winners but we have to start with the 'Wooden Spoon' and there was a couple who struggles even as a pair to add much to the scoreboard, so Mike & Jane were awarded the award!! We had enough time this year to have 3 lives each for 'Killer' and there were 3 players in the final round (Paul, Graham & Steve) and Paul knocked a single pin but neither Graham or Steve could hold their nerve to keep up, so Paul won the bottle of wine. The ladies performed well with all the highest scores of the evening, however it was Diane who topped the list with a score of 25, aided by a 'Full House' on her first go, so received the bottle of wine. The men were not as good with 3 of us (Paul [again!!], Fred & Lex) on 22, so a 'Play Off' was required. We decided to have 1 ball each with the full 9 pins and the highest score would win, despite a poor score in the play off by Paul the other 2 failed to exceed it, so Paul won the bottle. Many thanks to Norman for the photos.












































Malvern Transport Show

Sunday 13th October 2019


A few brave souls braved the elements today to put on a display at the Malvern Transport Show. The rain did ease off around 11 O'clock (just as well as my windscreen wipers packed up half way there!!) but started again at 2pm, so we packed up and headed for home. Fred did well with the runners up prize in the 1970's section, well done Fred. Thanks to Alan for organising what was still an enjoyable and sociable day. Now that's 2 years of wet, will it be better next year? Should we go again?




Graham also sent some photos:







Wellesbourne Lions Classic Fun Day

Sunday 8th September 2019

Although this was not billed as a Club Event a good few attended and displayed under the Club Flag & Banner. Nigel reported that it was a good day and from the photos sent by Clive there was plenty of sunshine. 










Brought Castle Transport Show

Sunday 25th August 2019

This was a new show, so we thought we would give it a try in place of the Pershore Plum Festival, which is getting a bit 'busy' in the 'MG field. Looks like the Club had a good day there and I'm told the run to get there was good, how much water was there in the Ford? Many thanks as always to Alan and the team for organising, also Lech & Paul for the run and Norman for the photos. There was a further report from the Show and Alan & Julia sent some photos and reported : "Mike with his red TF won best in his category & then went on to win Best in Show at the end of the day. Added to that Arden MG Club came second in Club category (he revealed our award at the Club night)". I was also informed that Trevor & Angela won second prize in their year group. Well done Mike and Trevor & Angela also congratulations to Alan for organising the Club display.










At the September Club Night Alan brought the award for Best Club Display Runner's Up to show everyone, here are the photos thanks to Norman.




Brailes Show

Saturday 11th August 2019

This is our Annual visit to the Brailes Show, however the numbers were a bit down on previous years, no doubt the weather forecast didn't help. 10 of us braved the rain, which mostly cleared for sunny spells in the afternoon. It was a very windy day, so we were not able to use the storm shelter or the Club flag, however several of us paraded around the display ring (in our cars of course). The show was a little bit smaller than other years as they squeezed the stalls into the marque and the pavilion but everyone had a good wonder around during the bright spells.








Chairman's Picnic

The Golden Cross to Rousham Park

Sunday 28th July 2019

Another very successful day out for the Arden MG Club, with the usual start at the Golden Cross for bacon rolls, a 40 mile scenic drive and a grand Picnic at Rousham Park. I think everyone had a good time and certainly no one went away hungry. 'The Team' did a great job getting the site ready for us, it s very good of them to miss out the run and go straight to the venue to have everything ready for when we all arrive.
A new idea in the route this time was a short stretch on a gated road and an alternative route around but not many braved the poor road and gates an took to the detour. The picnic was plentyful and varied with not much left after seconds. Sorry I missed the celebration cake for Gaynor's birthday, I'm told this was a 'significant' one, congratulations.
Before the seconds we all had a wander around the wonderful grounds, by which time the sun was starting to make an apperance, we did much better than the forecast predicted (just as well). Many thanks again to 'The Team' for setting up, well done.












Badsey Flower Show

Saturday 20th July 2019

We were again invited to join in the Badsey Flower Show and a good few cars turned up to make up our display. The weather could have been better but there was some sunshine later in the afternoon, it was much improved on last year. Alan & Julia went one better than last year as well, offering a glass of Prosecco with the cream scone and strawberries, yummy. Caroline was the 'Lucky Girl' on the day coming back with an armful of prizes from the bottle tombola. The sky was clear enough for the BBMF (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight) to do a fly past with a Hurricane. Another great day out, well done Alan & Julia. The surprise at the end of the day was for Julia, to celebrate her birthday.

Thanks to Alan & Julia who did a great job and to Steve for inviting us.











Quiz on Wheelz 2019

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Thanks to Graham & Fiona for the organisation, Graham & friend for the clues (even though some were very devious!!) and Lech for the route to the stopping places. Yes this year was a new format with two stops on the route to get out of the cars and search for the answers. The stops were at Mickelton & Chipping Campden, returning to the Golden Cross for a very tasty buffet. Thanks as ever to Norman for the photos.

A little down on numbers but a good evening, great meal at the Cross. I think the new format worked well, maybe a couple of tweaks required, what did everyone else think? Yet again Lech & Pam were the winners and Marg won the 'table quiz' prize. I was not going to embarrass the wooden spoon winner but there again it was Richard & Fiona!




















BMC & Leyland Show

British Motor Museum, Gaydon

Sunday 7th July 2019

Thanks to Andy Bourne for sending me these photos, it was quite a challenge for him, so I'm extra grateful for the effort. Looks like a good crowd and everyone having a good time. A quote from Andy "It was a great day and so many BL cars I had forgotten about!"







 Show Night

Tuesday 4th June 2019

The Golden Cross 

Our annual Show Night is where everyone can polish up there cars and show them off with the prospect of winning prizes. The favourable forecast brought lots of you out with 37 MGs filling the Orchard Car Park and everyone was soon busy looking round to vote for their favourite MGs. We changed the categories this year to try and spread the winners about, please let me know what you think. It has been suggested to me that this years winners should be excluded from next years competition, what do you think, maybe they should only be excluded from the top awards? Did you all agree with the new ruling about attending at least 2 Club Nights to be eligible for the prizes? Many thanks must go to the 'Girls' Pam & Caroline who sat outside collating all the votes and recording the winners and of course Norman for another set of excellent photos.

The new categories brought some new winners and the full list is:

The Best Early MG:

Winner: Angela Smith - MG TD Midget

1st Runner-up: Helen Lobb-Jones - MG TC Midget

2nd Runner-up: Paul Adams - MG TC Midget

The Best Modern MG:

Winner: John Hale - MG RV8

1st Runner-up: Chris Yates - MG Maestro Turbo

2nd Runner-up: Phil Ward - MGTF

The Best MGB/C or Midget:

Winner: Roger Phipp - MGC GT

1st Runner-up: Norman Large - MGB Roadster

2nd Runner-up: Graham Robson - MG Midget (Bumble)

Favourite MG Mascot:

Winner: Julia Grice

Runner-up: Diane Rayner

We added a new prize this year called 'Pot Luck'. Anyone who scored at least one vote was included in a draw for the prize and the Winner was: Phil Bawn.

And finally there was a new category that I knew nothing about, this was for the Best Red MGB owned by the Chairman, so there could only be one winner. Many thanks to David for taking the trouble to award me a prize (although you would have thought my car would a win a prize just because of all the awards and prizes displayed!).


 Nigel's Sunday Adventure Run

The Golden Cross to The Fleece, Bretforton 

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Nigel was not content to organise the weekend away in June but also set a 'Sunday Lunch Run'.  Starting from the Golden Cross they ventured through the Warwickshire countryside, even finding a ford to traverse on route to the Fleece Inn in Bretforton. I'm told it was a fantastic run, with a few 'anomolies' on the way but the sun shone and everyone enjoyed the BBQ in the garden, not to mention the qui about things that should have been seen on the way.  Here are a few photos:






 Weekend Away

Devon Valley Holiday Park, Shaldon

Friday 7th June to Monday 10th June 2019 

We have had another very enjoyable weekend away, this time to Devon Valley Holiday Park in Shaldon. It was a wet drive down on Friday but Saturday & Sunday were much better with lots of sunshine. The Saturday 'Run Out' was to Slapton Sands, the beach that was used and the practice ground for the D Day Landings and there is a Sherman Tanks that was dragged out of the sea and is now a memorial to those who perished during the run up to D Day. Sunday was another run out, organised by the Torbay MGOC, who are a new Club and struggled with the route instructions which were challenging but they were very hospitable and Cornish Pasties and Pork Baps were enjoyed at their normal venue of Dainton Park Golf Club. Saturday night was a bit of a Party' night thanks to Mike for bringing the party goodies. It was roofs down for those that could as we left, although the rain came long before we reached home. Many thanks to Nigel & Stephanie for all their hard work arranging the weekend for us, well done.

Here are a few photos from the weekend:















Drive-it-Day Run

Sunday 28th April 2019

The Golden Cross to Southcrest Manor Hotel



This year's run was very ably organised by Richard & Fiona, they even managed to get some sunshine through the day. They set out an excellent run through some lanes we have not been down before, with some fantastic scenery. We had our own parking area when we arrived at The Southcrest Manor Hotel and Richard & Fiona were already there to direct us where to park. The Sunday Lunch was very good and was supported by several quizzes (I had no hope with the plant questions I'm not a gardener!!). There were winners and there were prizes, however there was a tie for the 'Guess the Number of Eggs in the Jar' challenge and the tie breaker brought the same result so Mike Jones & Christine Large shared the jar, Mike passed it around at the Club night. A great day out thanks Richard & Fiona.
















 Malvern Transport Show

Sunday 7th April 2019


I'm told this went well, especially the bacon rolls (well done 'Team'), with a good few cars making a good display to show off our new banner and of course Richard Avery has become the Club's new 'recovery service', great sign.

Many thanks to Norman for the photos. 

















March Madness Run

24th March 2019

The Golden Cross to The Henley Golf & Country Club 


There was the usual start at the Golden Cross which was basking in spring sunshine (how do they keep arranging the sunshine???) and a super run of nearly 50 miles through quiet Cotswold lanes to finish at The Henley Golf Club. At the golf club they had organised a dedicated parking area for us and a private room for a very good lunch. Well done, everyone enjoyed it and no one ran out of fuel!!
















A big thank you to Alan &'The Team' for a great day out.



Guest Speaker

March Club Night

"In Praise of the Turbo Prop"


I think everyone who came to the Club Night enjoyed the talk by Patrick about his time in the RAF flying Hercules (Lockheed C130K) Aircraft (remember never call them planes!!), which was after working for the other Lockheed (Automotive Products). Patrick has a connection to MG having bought a 'B' new in 1969 (which he considers to be the best model year, still with leather seats but ones that reclined, does everyone agree?). The main advantage of the Turbo Prop aircraft is their short take-off and landing (STOL) ability, as well their low level flying capability, this was demonstrated with a short video showing the 'food relief drops' at Addis Ababa during Operation Bushel in 1985. He finished with some anecdotes about his time flying Andovers on the 'Royal Flight' but best to keep them to ourselves!! A great talk and we presented Patrick with the £60 takings from the evenings raffle but this was very generously increased to £100 by Mike Green and will be presented to Parkinsons UK as his wife is a sufferer.




 AGM & Club Night


8th January 2019

After the AGM we had 2 presentations, David had looked through the registers for all of last events (including Club Nights) to tot up who had attended the most and he found no less than 5 people with the same number of attendances, in alphabetical order: Fred Bury, Alan Cleobury, Paul Dunster, Steve Entwistle and Nigel Hook. In order to present an award it was necessary to have a 'draw' to decide the winner, so the five names were put into a pint pot and Dawn drew out Nigel, who was given the bottle of Champagne, well done to all and thanks for supporting the club so often. The second presentation was a thank you, which we like to do. A lot of work was put into making the Club's 30th Anniversary go so well and one of those jobs was to come up with the idea and produce the coasters that everyone received. It was very difficult to think of something different for this recipient as he is in the field of PR but a friend of mine has a laser cutter and he was persuaded to spend a lot of time to produce an image that could be laser cut. The final image was made up of 3 layers laid over each other (thanks to Chris Jarman for producing it) and I was able to present this to Norman Large, with many thanks from the Club.








Chilly Willy Run 2019

New Year's Day

The Potting Shed Café to The Golden Cross


Over 60 people and 35 cars, two thirds of which were classics or MGs which is great to see in the middle of winter, there was even a TC.  It was a bit busy at the Potting Shed Café, we had many more people than I booked for and they had not reserved all the space promised but the coffee was very good.  It was a good place to start from though and we enjoyed a nearly 30 mile scenic drive along lanes not normally used and the weather was kind to us and very mild.

As ever the Golden Cross put on a very good lunch, very hot, plentiful and tasty, despite the restaurant being full and us overflowing into the bar area.  It got a bit rowdy later when Graham in the 'naughty corner' (Fiona's comment) started letting off the balloons but all in good fun.

I hope you all enjoyed the day, thanks to Lech for assistance setting the route and Norman for the photos.