Report on the Weekend away to St Audries Bay, Somerset

2nd to 5th June 2017

St Audries Bay Weekend Away Report

2nd to 5th June 2017


A total of 38 people with 16 MGs enjoyed a great weekend at St Audries Bay in Somerset, organised by Nigel Hook.  We all arrived on the Friday in good time for our welcome drink before an excellent 2 course dinner.  In fact the food all weekend was very good.

Ater breakfast Nigel handed out the route sheets for the days run over to Dulverton to meet at the Red Lion around 1pm.  When we were all refreshed the route took us back via Dunster, where everyone could check on the 'Family seat' of Dunster Castle, we did and very good it was too.  Saturday evening was the 3 course Gala Dinner before the 'Dance' in the ballroom, some of us were better than others but Philip did play some easier songs that the rest of us could just about manage.  Mike livened up the evening by handing round glow sticks and it looked like everyone there was glowing in the dark.

 Sunday was a free day for everyone which meant there were lots of conversations during the evening of where we had all been.  There was one small problem during the meal when it looked like they were going to miss me out on the sponge pudding and custard dessert but the waiter took pity on me and brought a double helping (see photo) this of course upset Graham, hence the double dishes for him!!!  Nigel had invited for the local MGOC over to join for the evening but they are only a small group, so not as well attended as the Golden Cross.  Good to see them none the less.

 Unfortunately Monday dawned, somewhat wet, so it was a soggy trip back to the Midlands for most of us but that didn't spoil what was a very enjoyable weekend, a very BIG thank you to Nigel.

Here are a selection of photos from the weekend starting with some taken by their Drone:



Next some form Norman Large




Organiser Nigel


A couple of photos from me.



Photos from our 'Official Photographer' Graham Robson:

Looks like a nice place!!


Time for dinner


Branded tables, they were expecting us!!


Food at last!!



 Then into the bar.


Pit stop in Dulverton


Photo shoot line up on the putting green


Nigel gets everywhere


Gala Dinner Night



Glowing at the dance!!



Thank you to Nigel & Stephanie


Taunton MGOC came to join in the fun


And brought some nice cars

Home time - in the rain!


 Thanks for the photos Graham.