Heritage Run 7th June 2015

Evesham Country Park to Eastnor Castle


Heritage Run

7th June 2015

Evesham Country Park to Eastnor Castle


The 2015 Heritage Run went back to our regular starting point of Evesham Country Park and over 120 cars made their way there to enjoy the bacon butties before starting the run.  The day dawned fine with the prospect of sunshine through the day, so expectations were high.  We were not disapointed with the scenic route planned again by Roger Jackson, which took us through some lovely villages of Worcestershire and into Herefordshire.

At the final destination of Eastnor Castle we had our own dedicated parking on the hillside with an impressive view of the House and although the grass was a little long lots of people enjoyed a picnic by their MGs.

Cars on the run were dominated by MGBs of course, however there was an MG PA as well as several 'T Types' (TAs, TCs & TFs) and there was even 2 MG Maestro Turos, great to see.

At Eastnor wev were greeted by the Marshalls modelling the latest in safety wear (see photos below) and our tickets allowed us to visit the grounds and enjoy a walk around the lake.

We must thank Richard Workman and his committee for all the hard work that goes into organising a successful run and all the marshalls who ensured the parking at Evesham and Eastnor flow and was trouble free.  Special thanks to Allen Smith for all the administration and binding the route books, Roger Jackson for the route, Lech for liasing with the MSA and the Police, Graham Robson for the Eastnor entry tickets & help with the finances, Fred Bury for ensuring the parking went without a hitch, David Rayner for his sage advice, Graham Smith (MG TF Midget) & Alan Cleobury (MG TF) for offering their cars for the Rally Plate & Front Cover photos, all the marshalls (too many to name), Pam & Judy for the check in desk and lastly myself for the Rally Plates and Route Book Front Covers.

Here are some photos to remind us of a great day: