The Report on the Club Day Out to Stratford Races

20th May 2018


Stratford Races Day Out Report

Sunday 20th May 2018


Here are some photos from last Sunday's day out at the Stratford Races, thanks Norman. It looks like Nigel put on another good show (well done) and as you will see in the photos, it looks like he can still wall on water!!
Comment from Nigel: "A great day out, my feedback tells me every one enjoyed themselves again. I saw a few standing in the queue to pick up their winnings. Great photos again. How fortunate I bumped into the Starter that day (Robbie Supple) who gave us an insight to his starting procedures and how he copes with starting the Grand National. (always a difficult one) with 40 Horses and Riders to contend with. If we do Raceday next year I will see if I cant come up with another Celeb!"
Finally a comment from Norman: "Great day yesterday. Could not have been better in all respects – errrrrh, oh yes it could. We had to leave early cause my shirt went the same way as last year! Many thanks for your great organisation and talk/lecture on the subject of racing – most informative and enjoyable. BUT, next year can you give us the winners, please."



















Stratford Races Day Out Report

Sunday 21st May 2017


Another great day out, this time organised by Nigel.  He had arranged a dedicated parking area for our MGs, in pole position facing the entrance gate.  We all arrived in good time to go out onto the course (before the event program started) to get up close to the fences and Nigel explained the differences between the 'Hurdles' jumps and the 'Steeple Chase' jumps.  We were left to imagine what it was like to be on the horses heading for these jumps, especially after he pointed out where the horses start their leap and then where they land on the other side, rather them than me!!!

 Next Nigel took us into the changing room and saw the pegs with saddles ready to be used, the girls especially enjoyed this bit as the jockeys were not holding back in getting changed ready for their races.  Onwards into the weighing room, an important part of the handicap process!!  A few of us were brave enough to step onto the scales and we could all see the displayed weight, I'm not sure Diane realised this!!!

From there out into the stables area and exercise ring before walking over to the parade ring.  We were all now ready for the racing but how do we place the bets (there were quite a few betting virgins).  Nigel was again on hand to explain the differance between the various bets and the tote or on course bookies, the only complaint was he didn't tell us who the winners were going to be, well I didn't lose too much but the kids might have to forgo their inheritance!!

Our offical photographer for the Day, Graham Robson:


 has put together a photo montage video, which can be accessed on youtube by clicking this link:

Stratford Races Day Video

Our 'Cheerleader for the Day - Nigel:




 Into the Changing Room




 Through the Tunnel




 The Parade Ring




The Races


The photos above are thanks to Andy Bourne, here are a selection from John Stevens

The Cars




 Nigel gets everywhere


 Picnic Time




 Back to the Races


Thanks to John for those, now we have a selection from Norman Large

Cars lined up




 Nigel leading the 'Pack' onto the course


 Checking the Hurdles


 Nigel 'walking on water' at the water jump


 Nigel explains the weighing room


 Who is risking the scales?


 Punters at the Parade Ring



Thanks for that selection Norman. Now for some of my photos

The Cars before we took the flag down due to the strong wind.


 Walking the Course


 We can't forget Nigel


 A busy day on the course


 And now for the Action


 Over the Jumps





A great day out, thanks Nigel.