St Audries Bay Week-end Away

8th to 11th June 2018

St Audries Bay Week-end

Friday 8th June to Monday 11th June 2018



Nigel has again organised a Club week-end away to St Audries Bay. The plan is to arrive on Friday in good time for dinner, when we will enjoy a welcome drink. On Saturday, Nigel has set a scenic drive into Lorna Doon Country. On Saturday evening we get dressed up in our glad rags for a 3 course Gala Dinner followed by Dancing. Sunday is free for your own entertainment but be back in good time for the evening's joint natter with the local MG Group. After the relaxing break, Monday is time to set off for home unless anyone would like to stay on for a further few days (this can be booked with St Audries).

The cost for the week-end will be £162.25 for the three nights, B&B plus evening meal. Fri 2 course. Sat 3 course Gala Night. Sun 2 course.

Touring Pitch is again available. Ballroom dance on Saturday cost is £10 PP."

To book an initial deposit of £20 per person (£40 per couple) is required. Please send (or give) your cheques, made payable to 'Arden MG Club' to Nigel Hook 42 Hammerton Way, Wellesbourne

CV35 9NT or at a club night.

To whet you appetites for the week-end Nigel has penned the following:


St Audries Bay weekend. 8th to 11th June 2018.

On Saturday 9th June I have a planned visit to The LORNA DOONE country.

From Porlock to Lynmouth via the DOONE valley.

FACT, FICTION or a bit of both. YOU decide! Here are some facts:-

R. D. Blackmore's Romantic Novel "LORNA DOONE" was first published in 1869.

A stirring tale of Romance set among a Gang of Hated, Feared and Bloodthirsty Robbers.

They were called the DOONES who captured a pretty girl called LORNA.

They ravaged the Countryside around Exmoor in the 17th century committing Rape, Murder and Robbery, ultimately being brought to Justice by a farmer called Jan Ridd.

But did the DOONES exist? A question often asked but never conclusively answered.

So what do we know:-

Blackmore spent most of his life on Exmoor, after he finished school he became a Lawyer until illness forced an early retirement. He turned to writing combining it with Market Gardening.

His novel of LORNA DOONE was based on local knowledge and tales that were told to him about the area. It is also known that in the troubled times of the Monmouth Rebellion, a band of Outlaws did indeed inhabit one of the Glens of Exmoor.

The Ridd family still farm on Exmoor to this day. It is recorded that Jan Ridd's father was often seen drinking in the Ship Inn in Porlock. (Jan is West Country for John.)

On his way home from Porlock Market to Oare he was ambushed and killed by a "Band of Robbers" (said to have been the DOONES) at the top of Porlock Hill near the spot where the Exford Road meets the A39.

As you descend down the hill to Oare on the right is Parsonage Farm a scene of Murder by (the DOONES). Blackmore actually write his "LORNA DOONE" at this farm. Just down the road is Oare Church where you can see the Window through which CARVER DOONE is alleged to have shot LORNA as she was being Married to Jan Ridd.

Jan Ridd's Grandfather was Rector of Oare Church from 1809 to 1842. Oare is the Parish of the Ridd family. A John Ridd is recorded as being Church Warden in 1914 to 1925.

Down the road at Malmsmead is the ancient Pack Horse Bridge over Badgworthy Water (pronounced Badgery). The track opposite follows the River to Hoccombe Comb after a 2.5 mile walk the ruins of buildings, the homes of a band of Robbers, said supposedly to have been occupied by the DOONES in the 17th Century and now known as the DOONE Valley.

Nearby still stands the Robbers Bridge said to have been the scene of a lot of the DOONES Robberies.

There was a Garrison at Minehead where Troops were sent out to fight the DOONES.

In the little Church in Watchet is the grave of Lorna's mother.

FACT or FICTION - Everything seems to fall into place from Blackmore.

Which will YOU choose it to be - that is the question!!!